Newell Composites Pty Ltd

Newell Composites Fibreglass factory and administration is based at Murray Bridge, in regional South Australia, only 45 minutes from ADELAIDE. It is adjacent to the major highway which links Australia’s east to the west.

Founded by Dennis Newell in 1967 as the Newell Group. Opening its doors at 191 Adelaide Road Murray Bridge and operating under his management for 40 years.

However, in 2014 the August family took the reins under the name Newell Composites Pty Ltd. They continued to operate from the same premises with the same staff.

In an effort to remain current in the ever changing markets Newell Composite’s took a new approach.  

The fresh, young and experienced directors Robert, Jannette, Tyson and Emily August have proceeded to add to their range of products. Allowing the business to grow and tackle much larger scale projects. 

Newell Composites boasts a highly skilled workforce and factory. Continuing to specialise in Composite Reinforced Plastics and niche project manufacturing. Above all the business focuses on ‘Corrosion Resistant Products’, using the process of filament winding.

Similarly they continue to focus on quality and integrity. Ensuring all clients receive what they design and order on time & budget. A belief that spans the entire 53 years that is the Newell brand and will continue long into the future.

If you are considering a project no matter big or small, Contact us now to see how the team can help with your fibreglass needs.