Aquaculture Tanks

Newell Composites manufactures a range of specially designed aquaculture tanks. No system is too big or too small. With the ability to refer you to reliable small system builders and consultants. We work in association with many aquaculture consultants worldwide.

Fibreglass Aquaculture Tanks manufactured to customers requirements.

We can manufacture aquaculture tanks to suit every application. Customisation of the tanks includes; shape, size and colour.

Firstly colours play a large role in the design of a tank. For example; dull colours like black or dark green are used for marine life that spend their time on the ocean or river bed.

Similarly bright colours like chrome green, central blue or white are used for marine life that thrive in bright environments. Using the correct colour lessens the intensity of a white interior. Which for instance can assist the fish to see their food.

However the colour chosen is the closest match to the fish’s natural habitat.

Newell Composites like to work closely with the nations’ leading aquaculture consultants. Therefore ensuring all the fibreglass aquaculture tanks meet the needs of this dynamic and expanding industry.

Colour Options

Aquaculture Tanks solutions include;

  • Complete project fish farms
  • Egg Hatching Tanks
  • Live fish transporters
  • Brood stock Tanks
  • Larvae grow out tanks
  • Artemia tanks
  • Biofilters
  • Cone & flat based tanks
  • Pasteuriser Tanks

We offer a range of different tank designs. Our designs include flat base and cone base tanks.

The cone base are popular among hatcheries. The Cone design allow for easy collection of stock and drainage of water.  Stock is collected by gravity through the elbow at the base.  Debris and waste is collected at the bottom and cleaning is done using the drainage elbow. As a matter of fact the process is so easy it is done without causing any stress to the fish.

Newell Composites offer custom & standard aquaculture tank options. Click here for the standard product list.

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Newell Composites Pty Ltd Aquaculture tanks have been used in some major projects

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