Rainwater Tanks

The ‘Outback’ range of rainwater tanks are manufactured from food grade materials under the ISO 9001 quality assured procedures in the factory. Only top grade UV Stabilised materials are used to produce these vessels.

Firstly are you looking for a new rainwater tank? Have you consider Newell Composites Fibreglass Rainwater Tanks??

Firstly, stop what you are doing and consider a fibreglass. There are many reasons to buy fibreglass. Keep reading to find out why.

The Outback fibreglass rainwater tanks major features are:

  • Interior Finish – A mirror smooth food grade interiors and straight-sided walls prevents build-up of sediment on the tank walls. Making it easy to clean.
  • The slightly domed and reinforced roof eliminates the need for a center pole.
  • Access manhole – The slightly raised manhole creating a seal against any run-off impurities.
  • Available in a wide range of colours.  Customers can choose a colour to compliment or blend in with their existing scheme. Click Here For Options
  • Fittings can be placed at any location on the tank.

Why Choose Fibreglass??

Fibreglass tanks provide many advantages to other rainwater storage alternatives including;

Better Water Quality –  Newell Composites ‘Outback’ fibreglass rainwater tanks are manufactured with a internal black ‘block’ coating. In other words blocking out light and achieves a smooth food grade interior. Therefore combating algae growth and resulting in exceptional water quality.

Structural Guarantee – Brand new Newell Composites fibreglass tanks come with a 20 year guarantee. Meaning the customer has peace of mind in the structural integrity and quality workmanship that goes into every tank manufactured

Lighter & Stronger – Fibreglass tanks are popular for the high strength to weight ratio. Continually showing the ability to stand the test of time. The seamless tank body offers increased strength & improved hygiene. All tanks are manufactured from a ‘polyester resin’ reinforced with a mat of fibreglass. Forming a ‘sandwich’ of composite material with properties unmatched for toughness or durability.

Versatility –  Firstly fibreglass rainwater tanks are as versatile as any other tank on the market. Secondly they have a range of sizes & colours available. And finally a fibreglass tank will easily fit into your house, farm or industrial site yard. These tanks can be used in a multi tank system, which is a low maintenance and sustainable water supply system.

Above all Newell Composites can supply a rainwater tank manufactured to your specific needs. With a fibreglass rainwater tank to suit varying space and water storage requirements.

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