Fibreglass Pool 10,000 lts

Are you looking to replace your existing inflatable pool or have a summer retreat in your own backyard?


Newell Composites like to cover all the bases, we can repair & re-glass your fibreglass swimming pool so why not manufacture a pool as well??

Keeping things simple and easy is all you really need. So here at Newell Composites we have designed a 10,000lt Fibreglass Plunge type Pool that ticks all the boxes.

The pool can also be set up above ground or in ground (fully or partially) if desired.

Our one standard pool is round and is 3.55 m across the top and 1.21 mt deep.

This standard design boasts the following features;

Newell Composites Pools are firstly constructed with standard spray up laminates (chopper gun) process, with an Aquaguard internal gelcoat surface, backed up with an Epoxy Vinyl Ester tie layer at 1mm thick. Secondly a structural laminate with Isophthalic Polyester resin, top coated with an Aquaguard White external surface.

The base knuckle section (up 200mm) has further reinforcement applied to allow the pools to be buried part way in the ground if required.

Examples of this pools versatility can be seen below. Customers have embraced the unique shape and size by installing in various ways. Due to the heavy base construction, above ground, partially or fully in ground are all options.

Please view our collection of photos from customers who have incorporated the Newell Composites 10,000 litre pool into their entertaining area.

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