Food Grade Storage Tanks

Newell Composites manufacture Composite Reinforced Plastic (FRP) insulated storage tanks for either chilled refrigeration or hot/boiling liquids, e.g. Methanol Glycol or boiler water feeder tanks.

Composite Reinforced Plastic (FRP or GRP) Food Grade Storage Tanks can be used in many processes & applications including:

  • Fruit and fruit juice
  • Milk and cheese products
  • Olive fermentation, pickling and transportation
  • Wine fermentation and storage
  • Meat and fish
  • Spring water

Newell Composites food grade storage tanks are manufactured to have a “mirror-finish” interior which is obtained by using a male mold to manufacture the tanks. These vessels are custom designed and built to achieve top quality results. They have a corrosion resistant interior lining to handle acidic and caustic solutions.

Manufactured under our MIT process the vessels are then post cured to neutrality providing food grade quality.

Standard food grade tanks use a black interior to eliminate light intrusion, but Newell Composites can also offer an epoxy vinyl ester resin corrosion barrier option if it is required for chemical resistance purposes.

Due to the versaltility of fibreglass Newell Composites are able to manufacture a variety of different designs. Therefore covering a majority of the food processing requirements. This includes but not limited to flat base or cone base tanks.

If you have project in mind simply contact Newell Composites with your Food Grade Storage Tanks requirements. Customer are welcome to provide engineered specifications drawing with all the tank requirements. However Newell Composites can also complete these on the customers behalf.

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