Newell Composites manufacture a range of Industrial Fibreglass Tanks including;

  • Dairy Wash down Tanks
  • Olive Vats
  • Odor Control Units

Using fibreglass in industrial tanks is becoming more and more popular. This is due to the versatility of fibreglass which as a result allows it to be used in a variety of industrial applications.

Dairy Wash Down Tanks

Dairy Wash Down Tanks are made from composite reinforced plastic & custom designed for efficient flushing. Proven over the years to be a “hard wearing” alternative to other materials.

Wash down tanks have a manway and a large flange outlet to accept ‘quick release’ butterfly valves. However there is also a choice of alternative valves available to create the most efficient flush for every customer.

Dairy wash down tanks can be made in a range of sizes to suit all applications. These tanks are compliant with waste regulations and are manufactured from corrosion resistant ISO resin built to withstand the harsh elements and the test of time.

Generally speaking the most successful “Flusher Tanks” work by having a high tank. Giving plenty of head for a “gush-tidal wave” to sweep down the yard removing all waste.

Olive Pickling Vats

Olive Pickling Vats are manufactured to achieve the highest quality results. The vats feature a corrosion resistant interior and are built to handle caustic solutions. In addition each vessel is post cured to neutrality providing a food grade tank.

Tanks feature a smooth internal mirror finish achieved during the manufacturing process.

Features of our tanks include;

  • Salt Inducer Funnel
  • Sluice Gate Valve
  • 16 kl Olive Vat
  • Liquid strainer
  • Sump
  • Flange on sump

Odor Control Units

Newell Composites specialise in manufacturing Odor Control Units and Emergency Gas Scrubbers (EGS).

These units are suitable for toxic gas applications including:

  • Chlorine storage
  • Sewage treatment plants

Odor control units are manufactured to filter toxic gas. Once filtered it disposes the now safe product into the air. For this reason all units are engineered to the current and correct specification before starting.

As a result all units are continually monitored during the manufacturing process to ensure all standards and requirements are met.

We have successfully completed many EGS units for customers within Australia. Delivering units onsite to treatment plants in Victoria, New South Wales and Western Australia.

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