Insulated Tanks

Newell Composites manufacture Composite Reinforced Plastic (FRP) insulated storage tanks for either chilled refrigeration or hot/boiling liquids, e.g. Methanol Glycol or boiler water feeder tanks.

Application include:

  • Refrigerant chemical storage
  • Boiler feed-water to 99°C
  • Twin walled
  • Subzero to Hot & Chemical Resistant
  • Chilled Water / Brine Tanks
  • Hot Water Tanks

Having custom built insulated tanks for many national refrigeration companies across Australia in the last 25 years, we believe we manufacture the best “Twin Walled” Composite Reinforced Plastic tanks in the Australian market. All our tanks are finished in a “World Class” high gloss, weatherproof external finish.

Chilled water/brine Vessels are available with FRP flanges or 316 stainless steel threaded outlets/inlets and 50mm thick foam insulation on the roof walls and base (other thicknesses available upon request). All outer shells are of a high quality finish, a smooth gloss white FRP gelcoat surface.

Hot water vessels are available with stainless steel and FRP flanged outlets and inlets with 25mm foam insulation on the roof and walls. All outer shells are of a high quality finish with a smooth gloss FRP gelcoat surface.

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