Pipes, Manifolds & Ducting

Newell Composites can manufacture custom

fibreglass Pipelines, Manifolds & Ducting Systems.

Pipelines and Manifolds

Newell Composites Pty Ltd are now manufacturing Fibreglass pipes, manifolds and ducting.

Products are manufactured using either Vinyl Ester or Isophthalic material.

We have joined forces with other companies giving us the ability to quote and supply in a new area of pipework and associated items.

In addition these services allow us to supply pipework with a diameter up to 1800 mm. These products can be made suitable for water, chemical, pressure or non pressure applications.

We can now supply full manifold systems.


  • Tee sections
  • Elbows
  • Eccentric and concentric reducers
  • Straight pipe lengths
  • Flanged joins

Design & Standards:

We have the ability to manufacture to Australian, British & American Standards. Above all achieving a high-quality standard of work at all times.

In addition we can supply fibreglass pipes, manifolds and ducting to customers Australia wide. While we are also able to supply internationally with export branches available.

Customers can supply their own engineer drawings and specifications, with our team able to manufacture to all approved specifications.

However, we also have the ability to complete drawing & engineer specifications on your behalf.

For more information about our fibreglass pipes, manifolds & ducting solutions. Simply contact our friendly team and get a quote today.

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