Cartage Tanks & Road Tankers

Manufacturing Cartage Tanks ideal for portal water or chemical cartage,
while the bigger Road Tankers are ideal for water trucks and tippers.


Cartage Tanks

Newell Composite manufacture a range of Cartage tanks & road tankers to suit a range of applications including;

  • Cartage Tanks
  • Chemical spray tanks
  • Chassis mounted tankers

The fibreglass composites can handle saltwater, bore water and a range of chemicals, eliminating the problem of rusting tanks. Tankers manufactured by Newell Composites for councils who transport corrosive brackish/saltwater and travel over rough roads are now in their second decade of use. Therefore proving the potential lifespan of these versatile tanks.

These tankers are lighter than steel tanks, boasting the potential to withstand up to five times the regular lifetime usage. The design using the foam core sandwich lamination construction achieves a very high degree of strength to weight ratio decreasing the overall weight by up to 10% or more.

Product Code Litres Gallons Height (M) Width (M) Length (M)
TCRT0330 330 70 0.765 0.790 1.070
TCRT0480 480 100 0.765 0.790 1.425
TCRT0900 900 200 0.800 1.210 1.395
TCRT2200(baffled) 2200 480 1.000 1.660 2.320
Spare Parts AVAILABLE 

Road Tankers

Newell Composites Road tankers are the big brother to our smaller cartage tanks. Manufactured using the same quality materials and methods these range of tanks are ready to hit the road.
Boasting a 20 year proven structural performance these composite reinforced tanker are therefore a realistic alternative to the conventional steel tanker options available on the market.

Newell Composite Road Tankers offer;

  • Maximum stability with low centre of gravity
  • Reduced movement by way of restricting the movement of the water using a horizontal and longitudinal baffle system
  • Durability – up to 10 years proven structural performance
  • Non corrosive materials – absolutely no effect from hard water
  • Excellent weight/load ratio
  • Sizes from 4,500 Litres up to 20,900 Litres
  • Optional addition – tankers can be manufactured from “Fire Retardant” or “Self Extinguishing” materials

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