Quality Assurance & Quality Control Consulting

Quality Assurance & Quality &
Control Consulting

Newell Composites’ forty plus years of experience in plastics has allowed us to develop very high quality processes and procedures to the extent that we have been offered contracts to audit various composite reinforced manufacturing and products.
Our team of Field Technicians, Engineers, Laboratories, etc can offer a complete QA/QC audit service for all your Composite Reinforced Plastic (FRP or GRP) Equipment Australia wide.

Quality policy statement

The Newell Group is committed to providing fibreglass reinforced plastic products, components and associated services that satisfy the quality, reliability and technical needs of its customers.

To achieve these objectives, The Newell Group has established and maintains an effective Quality System that defines functional responsibilities and essential quality criteria associated with design, procurement, manufacture, assembly and testing of its products. Adherence to this system means that the individual accepts responsibility for the quality of the work that he/she produces.

Newell Composites has created alliances with several other companies in the composites industry, who share synergies in quality and integrity. This enables Newell Composites to engage in large contracts applying our quality assurances.

These companies comprise of several FRP companies who can supply complimentary products e.g. pipe and installation. Other clients use our drafting, design and engineering services so we can assist with product development, construction and installation.

Robert August has over 37 years business experience including FRP design and engineering, business partner Tyson August (Factory Manager) has over 13 years experience along with several other head staff, who have over 20 plus years’ experience in FRP construction.

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