Custom Designs & Standards

Custom Designs &

Newell Composites - Custom Fibreglass Products

At Newell Composites we know that custom designs & standards are important. Likewise we understand the standard option, size and shape doesn’t work for every customer or application.

Therefore we offer the ability of customising the design of nearly all the products manufactured. It’s safe to say there isn’t many projects that Newell Composites can’t customise, manufacture or repair.

Standards: Australian & International 

To guarantee that all of the projects are to standard and engineer specifications, we employ the services of a qualified & trusted engineer.

In addition, our laminating process was formulated by engineers to follow to a range of standards globally.  


  • Australian Standard(AS2634:1983)
  • British & European(BS EN13121-3:2016)
  • American(ASMERTP-1:2017)
  • Wind and seismic standards.

We ensure all fittings; hold down/lifting lugs, manways are built to the relevant designs & standards, therefore achieving a very high chemical resistance from our “Manufacturing Intellectual Technology” (MIT).

Engineer Services & Design Drawings

Together with our engineers, designers and pattern makers we develop prototypes from the latest high heat materials, creating a chemical and stress resistant product that is ideal for many applications.

We use a drawing program which includes a trained operator who is available in case projects require drawings. This allows us to produce quality drawings to engineer specifications with the correct information, however, customers can supply their own specification & drawing.

Proprietary Product Development:

One of our lesser known services is manufacturing proprietary parts for clients. This service allows the client to remain the owner of the design, while having parts manufactured and/or customised to their needs.

Companies wanting to develop new products from fibreglass can confidently utilize this service. Above all we consider confidentiality, privacy and customer satisfaction our priority.  Click here for more info.

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Newell Composites - Custom Designs

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