Custom Designs & Standards

Custom Designs &

At Newell composites we know that sometime the standard design, size and shape doesn’t work for every customer and application.

With the ability to customise the design of nearly all the products manufactured, its safe to say there isn’t many projects that Newell Composites can’t design, customise & manufacture.

Employing the services of a qualified & trusted engineer means that all projects are to standards & correctly engineered to withstand exactly what they were built to do.

Our design engineers formulate our laminating process to suit a range of standards globally including; Australian Standard(AS2634:1983), British & European(BS EN13121-3:2016), American(ASMERTP-1:2017) plus wind and seismic standards. All fittings including hold down/lifting lugs, manways, etc. are built to the relevant standard in our factory. We achieve very high chemical resistance from our “Manufacturing Intellectual Technology” (MIT).

Companies wishing to develop new products from composite reinforced plastics can engage Newell Composites in total confidentiality.

Our engineers, designers and pattern makers develop prototypes from the latest high heat, chemical and stress resistant new hybrid raw materials.

Newell Composites has an “in-house” drawing programme & trained operator, giving the ability to produce quality drawings to the engineer’s specification supplied by the customer or from the Newell Composites engineer.

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