Repairs & Maintenance

Repairs & Maintenance

Custom Fibreglass Products - Rears to rear step on boat

Newell Composites are more than an industrial fibre glassing business manufacturing new tanks and products.

The skilled trades are equipped with the means & know-how to repair a range of items from caravan vanities and shower bases to damaged boats, Pop-top vans and fibreglass tanks. They can even travel onsite and carry out repairs or modifications if the job can’t come to them.

Need more well they even stock a range of spare parts for all their Fibreglass Products.

Repairs and Modifications:

If you have a damaged item made from fibreglass don’t throw it away or look at it in shame as it collects dust in the back of your shed or yard.

Newell Composites have the knowledge and know how to repair, replace or modify using fibreglass. Contact us now or drop in and see the team about a repair or modification today. 

Maintenance & Spare Parts

The beauty of fibreglass is “IT CAN BE REPAIRED” unlike other options on the market. Newell Composites are able to repair and maintain your fibreglass items. From a repair to a tank to and crack in a boat floor. Newell composites can also carry out maintenance work fibreglass to make a tired product shiny and new once again.

Newell Composites carry in stock a range of spare parts to suit all of their products.

          Need a new lid or sieve for your tank, THEY HAVE IT!

          Lost the breather on your cartage tank, THEY HAVE THAT TO!

          Need a replacement gasket on your industrial tank, THEY EVEN HAVE THAT!

If Newell Composites don’t have what you need in stock never fear, they will jump on the phone and do their best to find the part and get you on your way.


So next time you need a spare part for your Newell composites Fibreglass product Contact us and get the right part FAST.

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